Hope Benefit Concert


Hope's medical, dental, food, and social work programs serve thousands of clients per year, and we rely on donations in order to do that.

Are you a music lover, in a band, or just love organizing events? Putting on a benefit concert could be a great way to raise money that makes a real impact for our clients.

This project is a lot of work for a potentially big payoff. It requires a music venue and most likely a team of people. It's a high commitment but if you pull off a great event it will be worth it!

How to Host a Benefit Concert for Hope

1. Assemble a Team

Organizing a concert is a lot of work. It will be helpful to have a team of people to share the load. Define your timeline, set a budget, and split the work according to everyone's strengths and interests. The more organized you are, the smoother it will go!

2. Find a venue

Choose your time and date, then find a place to host. Somewhere that is used to hosting concerts and has sound equipment will be easiest. This could be your church or any local music venue. Try to estimate how big the concert will be and let that inform your choice.

3. Find bands and set your lineup

Decide what kind of acts you want. Aim for 2-4 bands for a 2 hour concert. Reach out to local bands on facebook. Do you have any friends in a band? Does anyone in your church have a band? Work those connections. Ask the bands to play for free or a reduced fee as their donation to Hope! 

4. Find Sponsors

If you can find some organizations in the community to sponsor the event, there will be more money left for Hope! They can pay for things or donate goods and services. They get good publicity in exchange.

5. Promote your event

Create a social media event, invite all your friends, make posters to hang around town. Don't forget to acknowledge your sponsors. Make it clear that it will benefit Hope - this is a great event for a great cause! Use a website like Event Brite to sell advance tickets. 

6. Run the event

Find volunteers to take tickets, serve food, run merchandise tables, etc. Ask the bands if they'd be willing to promote Hope from the stage. Have fun! No matter how much you raise, you've gotten people together for good music and a great cause. 

Need help? There are a lots of great resources on the internet, and we'd love to help as much as we can too - contact amast@thehopeclinic.org. Good luck!


Andrew Mast