Food Pantry Shopping Trip

The food pantry at Hope is a pantry of choice. This means that clients are able to come and go shopping - picking out the things they want to bring home to their family. 

This fits our mission of treating all people with dignity - empowering them to make decisions based on their needs and tastes. You can help provide a great variety of food for people in need!

You can do this project at any grocery store and it is appropriate for all ages.


How To Have a Food Pantry Shopping Trip

1. Plan your trip

This is a great event for a family or a small group to do together. Get some people together, pick a grocery store, and go shopping! We appreciate donations all year round, but especially during the summer when food drives tend to drop off.

2. Shopping List - we accept all nonperishable, non-expired food, but here are some ideas to get you started

  • Healthy options such as whole wheat, low sodium, and organic foods
  • Name brands to help show dignity and give options
  • Peanut and other nut butters
  • Canned tuna and chicken
  • Your favorite breakfast cereal
  • Spices (see our flavor kit post for more detail)
  • Toiletries such as paper products, shaving kits, and hygiene products which are not eligible for food stamps
  • Your favorite granola or energy bars

3. Drop it off at the Hope front desk!


Questions? Contact Mary Dekker at Find a printable version here.

Thank you!

Andrew Mast