Soap Party

Hope's Wash With Care program allows people to come and do laundry at Hope for free. This is a great service because it saves the cost of laundry and also provides an opportunity for community. 

We also provide the laundry soap for free, so we need to repackage it into one-load portions. 

This is a project you can do anywhere and we recommend it for ages 10 and up because of the chemicals in the soap.


How To Have A Soap Packaging Party


  • Powdered, high-efficiency laundry detergent
  • Ziplock sandwich bags
  • Protective gloves and mask


  • Ensure that the detergent is high-efficiency (HE), because the washers at Hope only use HE detergent.
  • Put on protective gloves and mask. 
  • Measure out one load of detergent according to label.
  • Place one load measure into Ziplock bag and zip securely.
  • Repeat for all the detergent.
  • Gather bags and bring to Hope front desk.

Questions? Contact Mary Dekker at Find a printable version here.

Thank you!

Andrew Mast