Hope Movie Night


Hope offers all of our services at no cost to our clients. This means we rely on donations to run our programs.

Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for Hope? A movie night might be the perfect fit for your church, small group, friends, youth group, or any other group of people.

This project is appropriate for all ages and can be done anywhere depending on group size.

How To Host a Movie Night

1. Find a Location

All you need is seating and a screen to show a movie on! In the summer a white sheet and projector can make a really fun outdoor movie experience.


2. Pick a movie

Keep in mind your audience to make sure the movie is age appropriate. 

3. Invite your group and set your ticket price.

The size of the guest list depends on how much space you have. Set a goal for how much you'd like to raise. Maybe charge the amount of a movie ticket in your town. Or let your guests decide! Make it clear what they're giving to. Collect the money and either send it to Hope or give online here.

Don't forget to have a great time!

Questions? Contact Andrew Mast at amast@thehopeclinic.org. Find a printable version here.

Thank you!


Andrew Mast