May Food Drive

Summer is the hardest time of the year for us.

The kids in our community have access to free breakfast and lunch through the school, but these meals are no longer a part of the lives of the kids as school get out for summer.

Families turn to food pantries to make up the difference.

At the time where our need is increasing our supply of food begins to run low. Churches tend to do food drives around Christmas and Easter. However very few think to have drives in the summer season. As a result, we struggle to meet the needs of our neighbors as the weather warms up.

We rely on our church partners to keep our shelves stocked.

This year we have a plan…

We’re asking all the Churches in southeast Michigan to consider joining us in having a massive food drive this May to ensure that no child goes hungry this summer. If the church as a whole comes together we can be salt and light to our community in an unprecedented way.

We want you to be a part of it.

Please fill out the form below to sign up and receive the guide. We’ll provide:

  • Easy to follow guides that you can use with your church (no matter how big or small they are)

  • Videos and slides - to help present what we’re doing to your congregation

  • A community of participants where you can talk to other Church Leaders involved and get ideas

  • A way to connect you to the final celebration where we total all the food donated and share with the world what we’ve done together to feed our families this year.

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