Who We Are: A Haven of Help + Healing

There's a question that regularly gets asked here at Hope Clinic: "Who are you?" This happens when folks come here for the first time, and without knowing who we are and what we do, are surprised when a smiling face greets them. As they take the first steps to get help, they're treated with dignity and respect. 

Many of our new clients and patients tell us they can’t believe there is a place for free medical and dental care; food and laundry; social work and prayer. Without Hope Clinic, they don’t know what they would do. That’s why one young man, who couldn’t find help anywhere and stumbled upon Hope Clinic, incredulously asked our staff and volunteers, “Who are you people?”

“We’re people who love Jesus,” he heard in response.

That’s why the question isn’t just from our clients and patients, it’s one we ask them. “Who are you?” We believe each person who comes through our doors is created in the image of God and deserves dignity and respect as if we are serving Jesus Himself. As we feed the hungry, heal the sick, and help those who are hurting, the words of Jesus echo when He said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these … you did for me.”

In that passage some complained to Jesus saying, But when did we see YOU hungry?” Because if we saw YOU, of course we would have fed You.

And that’s the point: we don’t always see Jesus in others. And many believe somebody else will help. Princeton University Professor, Daniel Kahneman, argues that 75% of people will not respond to a cry for help if they know someone else heard the same request for help.

I’m thankful the supporters of Hope make up the other 25%. You see. You hear. And you respond.

But there’s the catch: not all our neighbors know we are here. They don’t know Hope is a safe place.


Our goal is to change that. We want our neighbors to know there is hope. In the midst of challenging circumstances, Hope Clinic is here. And for our partners across Southeast Michigan, we want you to know where we’re going and how you can be a part of this mission. At each of our sites, we want to create a transformative community of help + healing.

That’s why we’ve been working with communication experts who have donated their time and talent to help us engage more effectively with our neighbors and our partners. We developed a new logo, tagline, and four areas of ministry focusing on medical, dental, food, and care + prayer— along with new donated signs on our building— to make it clear who we are.

We’re aiming for the day when every one of our neighbors doesn’t need to ask, “Who are you?” They will know in the midst of a broken world there’s a place called Hope.

M. Douglas Campbell, Executive Director

In order to communicate more effectively, we contacted experts for help (and shared that we had no budget). That’s why we’re so thankful for Marla Booth, who generously shared her unique talent through donating a tremendous amount of time as a marketing expert to discern our way forward. Marla corralled several colleagues who also worked pro bono: Rhonda Foxworth, Carrie Hensel, Gail Nicklowitz, and Katie Fogleboch, who designed our new logo, Info at www.whitebayconsulting.com.

Through Marla’s research she uncovered that our patients/clients/volunteers all believe Hope Clinic to be a safe place where individuals can receive help and healing with dignity and respect. That’s why we’re now known as Hope Clinic: A Haven of Help + Healing.

Johnsonsign logo.PNG

We’re grateful to Johnson Signs (www.johnsonsign.com) who generously donated our new building signs. They made it possible for our neighbors to know we’re here for medical, dental, food, care + prayer!

Chloe Holmes