Bringing Your Faith to Life at Hope

Kelly and Leah from North Rock Church present a check to Billy Kangas at Hope Clinic.

Kelly and Leah from North Rock Church present a check to Billy Kangas at Hope Clinic.

We love empowering people to connect their faith through the work of serving those in need. Too often people read the word of Jesus about serving, but they don't know how to best connect to that work themselves. People worry about doing something wrong or are frustrated because they don't find opportunities to serve in their church. At Hope Clinic we want to empower people to make caring for their neighbors in need, a part of their lives and their ministry. 

We have two incredible programs to help you become involved in giving hope. One is for individual church members and the other is for churches themselves. 

For individuals: Become an "Anchor" 

Last year we invited key leaders and volunteers from our most active churches to consider becoming "anchors." The program has been incredibly successful, and we are opening up the invitation to everyone this year. 

Becoming an anchor means that you are actively on mission with both Hope Clinic and your church. Through the program, we regularly check-in with you and help you navigate how you can best use your gifts and talents to serve others in need. We also work to equip you to be a voice for others in your church. We give you a toolbox for practical ways your church community can serve, no matter what their budget or time restrictions might look like. We also look to you to help us understand your church. By becoming an anchor you will help build and strengthen Hope’s relationship with your church, so that we can share our work and develop partnerships in ministry with your church. Empowering churches to participate more deeply in caring for people in need is the key goal of our anchor program.

For Churches: Become a “Key Church”

This year we are also launching a new opportunity for churches. This opportunity is for churches that want to focus on local missions in a serious way and are interested in making a commitment to Hope as a primary partner. They will support Hope Clinic in prayer, volunteer service and through financial giving. Our key churches are truly partners are truly partners in our mission. We are committed to prayer and participation in their ministries, and we will faithfully steward their resources to impact the lives of the clients we serve at Hope Clinic.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a “Church Anchor” or how to invite your community into our key church program, please email Andrew Mast at

Chloe Holmes