Prayer + Care: Warm the Children

photo courtesy of Gordon

photo courtesy of Gordon

We partner with the Warm the Children program to provide coats to children and help support families that are lacking the resources. This past season, a young girl named Alisha (not her real name) came to Hope Clinic for a coat. Unfortunately, the coat that was selected for her did not fit.

Everyone was a little disappointed about the coat not working for her, so our Care Specialist, Marita, decided to pray about it and help however she could. It was during Christmas time and we learned that Alisha's family was also without gifts for the holiday season.

I just wanted to do more," Marita said. 

Our annual Christmas programs had just ended a few days prior, so Marita did not expect to find anything when she went searching. As she looked around, she saw a red bundle, rolled up on a table. To her surprise, it was a small coat leftover from the Hope Christmas Shop, and it was just the right size for Alisha.

Not only did we find a coat for Alisha, but a woman came in to Hope Clinic looking to donate some Christmas gifts while Alisha’s family was here. The family also went home with gifts that day and were so grateful that Hope was there to help in their time of need.

Our Christmas programs are organized b Vivian Weaver and her team of volunteers. With their help, last year over 400 families were provided with Christmas gifts through Hope’s Adopt a Family and Christmas shop programs.

Thank you to Vivian and her team, and to all those who generously donated gifts and volunteered their time to serve and bless others during the holidays at Hope.

Chloe Holmes