Making Lives Better With You

“You’re kidding, right? That’s really not a good idea.”

Vision Call Out.png

That was the reaction from staff in response to my suggestion that we put Hope’s new logo on a pocket protector. (You know, those little plastic things people used to put in their shirt pocket, so a pen wouldn’t poke a hole or leave a mess.)

The reason for the pocket protector was simple: Hope Clinic is a pocket of the Kingdom of God. God works through us to be protectors of those pockets. Every time someone is healed or fed we gain a glimpse of God’s Kingdom; every time a tear is wiped away, we see what the Kingdom will look like in all its fullness.

To be part of the building of God’s Kingdom, Hope leadership, staff and volunteers have worked hard to breathe fresh life into our organizational covenants, including refocusing our mission and vision.

Redefining our values as an organization has brought us down new roads, creating that pocket of the Kingdom with each step. We have focused on integrating our services, helping our Medical, Dental, Food and Care + Prayer teams to partner more effectively and serve each person’s comprehensive needs. This collaboration birthed our Healthy You program, providing holistic care through classes on financial health, exercise, cooking, and more. Through this work we have also seen new partners emerge. I recently had the opportunity to thank the 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County at their meeting at a local hotel. Prior to speaking, I was hovering outside of the room, when an employee of the hotel approached me. I explained I was from Hope Clinic and that I was waiting to thank these women who had generously donated $13,250 for our Dental Clinic.

“Hope Clinic? I love Hope Clinic!”, she said. “I use the pantry, my mom was a dental patient and so many people I know get help at Hope. You all are the best!” And then, almost in tears, she said, “I want to help.” At that point, she reached into her pocket and said, “Please take this. This is all I have.” She handed me one dollar.

In Luke, Chapter 21, Jesus speaks about the value of the offerings we give to God. $13,250 or $1, we are contributing to that pocket of the Kingdom, creating a Haven of Help + Healing. It is an incredible joy to be a part of this mission and vision. You know that, which is why, through your help, we’ve met over 40,000 requests for help in 2018 and we are on track to support even more people in 2019.

Friends, we are pocket protectors. Come, feel the joy of Hope Clinic!

Doug Campbell Executive Director

P.S. I listened to the multiple staff members who said, “Please don’t do the pocket protectors.”

Chloe Holmes