Student Project Application

We love to work on student projects when we can. These can be great opportunities to help us develop our capacity and to assist students to walk alongside us. If you have a student project that you are hoping to complete at Hope Clinic please fill out the application below. We are looking for students who are self-motivated, independent, and well organized. It can take us up to a month to find a place for your project. If you need it done sooner than that, please consider applying elsewhere. We prefer to work with university students in most cases, although we do work with high-school seniors on a limited basis.

Please tell us about the school, class, or organization you are working with for this project.
Please include the requirements of the project you are working on. This should include any due dates, reporting, hours needed, etc.
How long will you be working with us? When is the project due? What are the major milestones you will need to achieve in order to complete this project?
Tell us a little bit about the degree program you are in if applicable. How does this project fit into your overall academic trajectory?
Does you group have any special skills or training that we could utilize in this project?
Please fill out information below for your primary contact.
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We are a Christian organization. You don't need to be a person of faith to work with us, but if you are we would love to know what your faith community is. Please tell us if applicable.
Billy Kangas