Donate Your Birthday


Hope's medical, dental, food, and social work programs serve thousands of clients per year, and we rely on donations in order to do that.

Do your friends and family want to give you good things but you don't need any more gifts? Do you want to sacrifice your birthday or anniversary or other holiday this year to give to those in need? Donate it to Hope!

Anyone can do this from anywhere.

How To Donate Your Birthday

1. Choose your platform

Facebook makes it easy to donate your holiday and share it with all your friends. Whatever amount you raise will go directly to Hope. From your home page find the Fundraisers tab on the left hand side. 

facebook fundraisers.jpg

On the fundraisers page, highlight "birthday fundraisers", then scroll down and click "raise money for a nonprofit organization". You can begin a birthday fundraiser up to one month before your birthday, but you can start another fundraiser any time!

facebook fund 2.png
facebook fund 3.png

In "Select Nonprofit", type "The Hope Medical Clinic" and select the one in Ypsilanti, MI.

facebook fund 4.png

From there you can set a goal and deadlines and choose how to share it with your facebook friends. Facebook takes care of collecting the money and distributing it to Hope!

If you aren't on Facebook you can also collect checks or cash and bring the gift in to the clinic. Maybe throw a birthday party and the price of admission is a donation to Hope. Be creative!

You could also consider doing an in-kind drive where your birthday wish list is items for our food pantry. What do you feel personally excited about?

2. Tell Your Friends and Family

Use social media to get the word out. Send birthday party invitations to your fundraiser. Tell everyone why you think this is important, and watch them respond with generosity!

Happy birthday!

Questions? Contact Andrew at Thanks! Find a printable version here.




Andrew Mast