our Mission

At the core of what we do at Hope Clinic is a simple mission. We partner with you to make lives better through holistic care  

We provide Medical, Dental, Food, and Care + Prayer In Jesus’ Name.

We ask all of our staff and volunteers to read through the mission carefully and memorize it. Feel free to quiz anyone at Hope.

More importantly, however, is living it out. We want our mission partner with you to make lives better to be a lived reality. We love seeing people serving one another and seeing lives changed.

For us this is the real mark of success; when you impact lives for good! We look forward to partnering with you and seeing what happens when lives are truly transformed.


Everyone in our communities has the opportunity to serve and to be served, finding help + healing in the name of Christ. We address the need for systemic change serving one person at a time.

You want a community in which every person knows where and how they can serve and where and how they can get help. You wouldn't have signed up to volunteer with us otherwise. Thank you! You are now a part of making that vision come to pass.

We confront Despair 

The reality is there are a lot of people who are hurting. In our community poverty has ravished many families this can create cycles of poverty that rob people of their dignity and self-worth.

Too often the size of a problem can be paralyzing. People look at the vastness of a problem and feel helpless. 

Just because something is hard, however, doesn't mean it's impossible. It's not right for people to sit back and do nothing. That creates a kind of spiritual poverty in people. They become more and more inward-focused and isolated. 

We are taking on that despair and replacing it with hope.

Our organization was born out of the tears of people who had hearts that broke over the poverty they saw in their community and out of a conviction that things didn't have to stay that way. For 37 years we have been showing up in the forgotten corners of our community and have brought hope. We've empowered people who felt overwhelmed by immensity of the problem and guided them to find small things they could do with great love, and over time that has made a big difference.

Last year, for example, we met over 40,000 requests for help. All those small things have made a big difference in thousands of lives here in south-east Michigan.