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We partner with you to make lives better through holistic care

Providing free Medical, Dental, Food, and Care + Prayer in Jesus’ Name.




Our Programs

Through the remarkable efforts of a small staff and a robust volunteer team including medical and dental professionals, we focus on four essential areas: Medical, Dental, Food, Care + Prayer. Last year alone we met more than 40,000 requests for help including:



patient visits and referrals for specialty care



patient visits and referrals for specialty care



grocery trips
hot meals



countless lives changed for the better


Our Vision

Everyone in our communities has the opportunity to serve and to be served, finding help + healing in the name of Christ. We address the need for systemic change serving one person at a time.

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Our Impact

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is "who are you people?" Hope Clinic is different.  People often come to Hope after having door after door slammed in their face. When they turn to Hope they are finally welcomed in. We offer a radical hospitality and generosity to our clients. We are able to do this because we have an incredible network of donors, volunteers and community partners who leverage the maximum help for our clients, given freely and without strings.



Cost for a service

It costs us an average $33 to treat a patient at the clinic or to offer groceries to a family. Consider sponsoring a patient a month by signing up for a recurring donation. 


Years Serving communities

Since 1982 we've been caring for people across South-East Michigan. We have grown from a weekend medical clinic to an operations with dozens of services, providing with thousands of  appointments, meals and  solutions for people in need. 

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Multiply your Impact

Each dollar you donate is multiplied in it's impact thanks to our network of volunteers and partners. We’re able to keep our overhead low, making Hope Clinic a good investment in community transformation.




“Hope Clinic not only saved my life, they helped me find a future.”

Hope Clinic Patient, 2011-2019


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Let's build a community of hope together.

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