Why Hope?

There are many great charities out there. Why should you devote your resources to the Hope Clinic?

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Unique Program

Hope is the only free medical clinic in Washtenaw county. We also have the largest food program in the area, and our excellent free dental program sets us apart as well. Our range of excellent services under one roof makes a convenient place for our clients. As the last strand of the social safety net, we are meeting needs that no one else meets. When people can't find help anywhere else, they come to Hope.


We are proud to have three consecutive years of 4 star ratings from Charity Navigator for exceptional accountability and transparency. You can be sure that your gift is having maximum impact for our clients. We are also listed as "top rated" by Great Nonprofits.

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Hope is able to serve thousands of people each year through donations and our amazing volunteers. Because of our large volunteer team and in-kind donations, your dollar goes further. Each dollar given results in $5 worth of care to our clients. This allows you to maximize your giving.


At Hope we see the whole person and treat them with dignity and respect, believing that they are worthy of the best we have to offer. We take time to listen to their needs, and pray for them if they want prayer. 

We want to walk with people toward lasting healing, so we take the time to understand their issues and help them move forward.